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Vimec was founded in 1980 near the river Po, between the provinces of Mantova and Reggio Emilla. VIMEC Range Since 1982 Vimec designs, manufactures and installs customized solutions: home lifts and elevators, chairlifts and stairlifts, platform lifts and mobile stair climbers. More than 110.000 installations all over the world. Guaranteed product Vimec chairlifts are guaranteed up to 24 months. Vimec provides the answer to all mobility requirements for the home and in public premises. Vimec has been designing and building stairlifts, chairlifts, stairclimbers and lifts for the elimination of architectural barriers since 1980, improving accessibility to private and public buildings and ensuring domestic mobility, home comfort and well-being for all those who need to get around the ECOVimec lift gives added value to all homes through simple tailor-made installations, both indoors and out.

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The V65 platform stairlift is designed for people confined to wheelchairs, and is perfect for both the home and public places. Empower yourself and your loved ones with a renewed sense of mobility when you install a home staircase lift. Losing the ability to comfortably and safely manage the stairs can be discouraging and pose a significant fall risk. A home stairc A small Arizona ranching community celebrates the annual migration of the sand hill cranes with “Wings Over Willcox”.

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Duo home lift range and is a stylish, compact home lift which is elegantly curved and designed to compliment any style of décor; contemporary or traditional. Vimec Home lift is the customised answer to vertical mobility problems that is both environmentally sustainable and uses outstanding, and wholly Italian, technology.

Vimec home lift

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24 Pages. Vimec Platform stairlifts. 11 Pages. Vimec Cabin platform lifts. 13 Pages. Vimec stairlifts.

Vimec presents a range of stairlifts ideal to improve accessibility in homes, but also in public premises. Vimec stairlifts represent the solution for the elimination of  Home lifts are ideal to two or three floors, but it can reach up to five floors.
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Reviews LAST UPDATED: June 15, 2019 Entering our 7th season A new study has found the best time for you to get your sweat on. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Why trust us? Best way to not feel the least bit guilty about binge-watching Orange Is Designer Sean Anderson gives this Tennessee office a glamorous revamp with storage to spare To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. By Craig Kellogg Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck Memphis resident Muffy Turley, Vimec offers you the Capri stairlift, ideal for the person's comfort and the for your grandparents, to reorganise the spaces in your home without disrupting daily  Residential passenger lifts allow home owners and guests luxurious transportation between levels, whilst increasing the value of their property and  27 Nov 2020 The Simplex Vimec Home Lift is the only vertical transport system out of the 9 winners from the construction section. Simplex Elevators Director,  Vimec reserves the right to make any changes it considers appropriate.

Add to favorites {{requestButtons}} Catalog excerpts. OUR STORY BEGAN, AND CONTINUES, IN THE MOTOR VALLEY, IN THE HEART OF THE EMILIA-ROMAGNA REGION. THIS HEART ALSO BEATS TO GUARANTEE EXCELLENT QUALITY AND SERVICE. 2013-05-02 The Silver platform lift is an optimal solution for overcoming height gaps of up to 1 metre.. In order to overcome existing architectural barriers, architects, engineers, and interior designers often recommend vertical lift systems like the Silver platform lift, which, in addition to countless homes, has also been installed in dozens of showrooms and exhibition areas. VIMEC Range Since 1982 Vimec designs, manufactures and installs customized solutions: home lifts and elevators, chairlifts and stairlifts, platform lifts and mobile stair climbers. More than 100.000 installations all over the world.
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Vimec home lift

Vimec Home lift can be upgraded over time, with made-to-measure components, details, technologies and services. Vimec Home lift is a long-lasting investment that will Upgrade: the Vimec Home lift can be upgraded over time, with made-to-measure components, details, technologies and services. Vimec Home lift is a long-lasting investment that will increase the value Vimec’s focus on styling is expressed through the shapes and materials chosen to express wellbeing attention to details, and a love of our work In Vimec products, quality means substance: reliability, quiet operation, user-friendly technology. The ECOVimec lift fits … Vimec Home Lift 31 页 Vimec Steplifts Vimec 24 页 Vimec Platform stairlifts 11 页 Vimec Cabin platform lifts 13 页 Vimec stairlifts 19 页 MOBILE STAIRCLIMBER T09 - ROBY 8 页 已存档产品目录 Mobiler Treppensteiger T09 Roby 2017-8-24 · The ECOVimec lift fits into any domestic context with discretion and elegance. It is a 100% Italian product, and every installation clearly reflects its membership of the world-famous Italian design and styling radition.

You and your home deserve a lift which is tailored to suit you not only in its functions but also  Vimec Home Lift est la gamme destinée aux ascenseurs installés à domicile. Home lift est une solution de mobilité verticale sur mesure, écologique et de haute  chiamato anche home lift, mini ascensore, piattaforma elevatrice o elevatore Gli ascensori per la casa/home lift Vimec sono davvero silenziosi; I materiali e  tekvo, tecvo, teckvo, tekcvo, Como subir una silla de ruedas por unas escaleras colombia, aparatos para subir sillas de ruedas por escaleras colombia, aparatos   Los dispositivos de seguridad son realmente fiables.
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The stairs are not a problem, but a resource of the home to be enriched and enhanced for the elderly. Climbing and descending the stairs comfortably sitting, in safety and comfort, with a practical and easy to use stairlift, is the solution offered to you by Vimec, attentive to the needs of the family and to the people who, having reached old age, do not want to be deprived of their independence. The chair for climbing stairs, or stairlift, becomes a tool for those who, even if only for a disability or a partial or temporary incapacity, seek assistance or a home on their scale and want to feel free in their own home. For a single flight of stairs, Vimec offers you the Ischia … For mobility in the home, choose the comfort and quality of Vimec Capri: with its unique technology and ability to turn corners, it is outstandingly compact, elegant and sturdy. Capri has immense personality: the most comfortable seat on the market, which gives top priority to the needs of those who use it every day. Vimec V64 & V65 Wheelchair Platform Stair Lift A mains powered, platform stairlift that transports a person up and down a curved or straight stairway whilst the person is positioned in a wheelchair on a platform. Folds away when not in use and a seat is included.

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Indoor and outdoor applications. Two models with options are available. Learn More Platform lift. Manafeth Mobility provides Straight and Curved Platform lift from Vimec Italy as V64 and V65. Platform lifts are used when the person cannot walk and is always seated on his wheelchair and he wants to access the first floor of the home so with the help of stair platform lift the person will remain seated in his wheelchair and the lift will take the person along with the wheelchair. Because VIMEC DOLCE VITA is the stair lift chair designed to offer maximum comfort and no worries, improving the appearance of the home and its liveability Maximum Flexibility and Little Space Needed VIMEC DOLCE VITA Can be installed both on the inside and on the outside of the stairs.

DENSIQ AB - 556198-5077 - Företag -

0705241433 Vimec Maskin AB. 047230200. Olvägen 15 Advanced Lift Technology A L T Hiss Service AB. 031281960. VIMEC kompletterar utomordentligt vårt tidigare innehav Aritco genom att .

Page: 1/31 Vimec ha progettato l’Home Lift E20 per dare valore alla tua casa: il punto di partenza è rappresentato dalle linee in stile minimal, che si arricchiscono di finiture e luci per un risultato davvero su misura. L’HOME LIFT E20 di Vimec è la soluzione ideale per chi cerca un ascensore domestico con finiture estetiche di grande raffinatezza. I dettagli costruttivi della cabina privilegiano infatti materiali e scelte innovative per l’illuminazione, le pareti e i pavimenti della cabina, con un grado di personalizzazione unico sul mercato. Configuratore ascensore Vimec Home Lift E20 La web App di Home Lift E20 permette di configurare un ascensore su misura , consentendo di accedere a tutti i contenuti tecnici e descrittivi della nuova soluzione Vimec per il segmento Home comfort. Vimec Home lift can be upgraded over time, with made-to-measure components, details, technologies and services. Vimec Home lift is a long-lasting investment that Vimec V65 Curved Rail. The Vimec V65 platform stairlift with curved guide rail is suitable for overcoming various flights of stairs in both indoor and outdoor environments.