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Furetank Rederi - Sweden. Korsholmebacke 1 SE-430 82 Donsö Sweden. Furetank Chartering - Sweden. Första Långgatan 24-26 SE-413 28 Göteborg Furetank is part of the strong family tradition of shipping on the small island of Donsö in Gothenburg southern archipelago. Since the 18th century the owner’s forefathers has been engaged in the maritime industry as captains and ship-owners. In 1954 Furetank got their first tanker vessel as a result of the global expansion of oil trade.

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Förhandsvisning Gotland 16-17 E.ON Värmekraft Sverige AB 18 Finnlines 19 Furetank / Nolsö System - Crew Rotation - SmartPhone Access and Web Based CrewPORTAL  Furetank is a full scale shipping company which can provide all services needed to meet the demands from existing and future customers. Among the services provided are technical, crewing, safety, vetting and chartering departments. During 2012 a lot of effort was made in shipyards in Rumania to complete Sigrid (an upgraded replacement vessel for Sigyn). Furetank was contracted as site manager to oversee and quality assure the production. Furetank is today technical, crew manager and DOC holder for M/S Sigrid. Furetank in brief Integrated shipping company that provide technical, safety, crewing and commercial management services to external partners.

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Resources for Marlow crew: CrewCompanion mobile App, Crew and Vessel Portal, PDB - Pre-departure Briefing, and Useful Downloads for seafarers Loading Furetank Rederi AB has also signed an agreement to sell the FURE VINGA to Canadian buyers. The vessel will be delivered to her new owners during April 2019. ”In the year that has passed since the FURE VINGA was delivered we have had a lot of interest in our new vessels and the benefit they offer to the environment through reduced emissions and less noise. Furetank Rederi AB | 3 373 följare på LinkedIn.

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Swedia focus lies in the smaller segment of European coastal trade. Swedia represents 4 ship  Även Furetank, ST1, Preem och Nynas var nominerade till priset, där klimatet då koldioxidutsläppen minskar med 40 procent* The CrewPORTAL is our web  230:Adidas- Ess. 3S Crew Tee inkl. klubbtryck stl: S-XXL 300:Adidas Bag Tiro inkl. 031-97 32 70, Fax 031-97 32 71 furetank@furetank.se www.furetank.se  Diva-portal.org. Lipidlagret utsöndras OMEGA - Crew Management - Soft-Team. Triton Schiffahrts GmbH Furetank Rederi AB, Sweden. Förhandsvisning Gotland 16-17 E.ON Värmekraft Sverige AB 18 Finnlines 19 Furetank / Nolsö System - Crew Rotation - SmartPhone Access and Web Based CrewPORTAL  Furetank is a full scale shipping company which can provide all services needed to meet the demands from existing and future customers.

The industry needs a black box on ships, similar to an airplane, to measure what the ship is information portal used was 'ezlion.com', which lists 13 companies categorised as Europe ship owners. Greece. 154 Furet aircraft assembly · aircraft charterer · aircraft crews · aircraft emissions · aircraft engines · aircraft fire · aircraft grounding · aircraft leasing · aircraft maintenance  swaps, while brokers feed through bids and offers through a web-based portal called Furetank is one of the Scandinavian companies keen on the uptake of LNG which requires clearance and temperature checks on the operation crew, portal?
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A movie about the five ships in the Furetank Fleet. One more environmental friendly vessel delivered to Furetank Rederi AB. She is named M/T Fure Vinga and is vessel number 7 in this 8-vessel long series. It is with great pleasure and proudness we can announce that Fure Vinga, designed by FKAB in close cooperation with the owner Furetank Rederi AB, was delivered on Tuesday 19 January… NSM was established in 2002 with Brostrom Ship Management AB and in cooperation with Principals: Rederi AB Donsotank, Furetank Rederi AB, Wisby Tankers AB, and Swedia Rederi AB. The company is recognized as a family oriented company who cares for the crews and recognized responsibility to the industry and the society. A total of four LNG trucks were unloaded onto the vessel operated by Swedish shipping company Furetank AB at Germany’s largest Baltic Sea port. According to Sonja Nesshoever, Director LNG Portfolio at Bomin Linde LNG, “The truck-to-ship bunkering process went smoothly thanks to the seamless coordination between the ship’s crew and our FKAB/Clarksons Platou T39 16 000 m3 /14 200 DWT Product & Chemical Tanker The FKAB/Clarksons Platou T39 is a 16 000 m3, 14 200 DWT, TIER II oil product tanker for chemicals (IMO II and III) and oil products. It is designed for world wide trade, low fuel consumption and cargo capacity with a density of 1,54 ton/m3.

Freight vehicles, 110. Decks, 10. Decks with cabins, 5. Sister-ships, Visborg. Furetank. Kina.
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Furetank crew portal

Fresh water 2 x 2 000 l. Construction material AlMg 4,5 Mn Main engines 2 xMTU (2 x 1 035 kW) 16 V 2 000 M70 Mining and mine piloting can also be performed. Main Figures. Speed + 25 knots.

FURE VEN, a dual-fuel vessel owned and operated by Furetank of Donsö, Sweden, has become the first non-US flagged vessel to bunker LNG in a U.S. port.
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Furetank applies a just culture policy, built on responsibility and trust. We do not just follow the development and advances, we lead the creation of it. Always ensuring we reach our goals. Furetank may not be the biggest, but we will always endeavor to be among the foremost!

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Trade Wind News Repsol bunkers Furetank newbuilding with carbon neutral Jul 1, 2018 The as yet unnamed tanker is one of two Furetank vessels on order at Avic Dingheng. Zhou Jian Feng (Wah Kwong): “Crews have lost confidence in details on pool earnings and operations via the Stena Orbit portal. The CrewPORTAL is our web solution for the seafarer.

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Furetank Rederi / Nolsö Shipping. 12. Havila Shipping. 13.

1,736 likes · 264 talking about this. Yachting vacancies by M/Y CREW AGENCY Furetank Chartering Sweden delar lokaler med Thun Tankers som har ett systerbolag vid namn Gothia Tankers AB i vilket Lars Ove Höglund är styrelseledamot.Gothia Tankers är ett skeppsmäkleri- och marknadsföretag som ägs av Thunrederierna (Thun Tankers), Wisby Tankers och Furetank tillsammans: Sweden-based shipowner Furetank Rederi AB has decided to order one dual-fuel product tanker and dispose of an existing vessel built in 2018. As informed, the company has signed a contract for one 17,999 dwt tanker at Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding. Furetank Chartering AB - Org.nummer: 5569134546. Vid senaste bokslut 2019 hade företaget en omsättningsförändring på 19,6%.